little waves, friends and relations, music from Bristol and nearby – compilation cdr, 2004.
Sold on tour in Europe and Japan
1.My Two Toms – Drop cops
2.Vase – The Sphinx
3.Attacked by Wolves – Untilted
4.The Balky Mule – Half marathon
5.The Awkward Dancers – Cold hands
6.Crescent – Fountains, first version
7.Many Fingers – In a dead mans shoes
8.Lonely Ponies – I’m bored
9.Headfall – Nitetime photography
10.Moon Monkey – Head up little seagull
11.Movietone – Noche marina
12.The Call in Six – Beagle two, where are you?
13.Bucky – Mileometer song
14.Francois – Le chemin du retour
15.I Know I Have No Collar – I know i have no collar
16.Mylo Clock And The Pockets – Miriam
17.My Two Toms And The Pickle Horses – I was at


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